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Some reasons, why we are different from others!

Here, on smbase, we not only focus on core recipe but also analyse various other aspects of the recipe. That is what makes us unique among others. These features can help you decide whether and when to make a recipe. Some features are listed here :

  • We focus on how common people are actually making the recipe instead of dumping expansive non-useful ingredient, just for show off.
  • We keep track record of cost of the recipe and ingredients based on current market pricing, so that you get to know if it really suits your pocket.
  • Prices of ingredients may change rapidly. Hence, on our website, we have given an option to edit prices and re-calculate the recipe cost if you feel prices are inaccurate.
  • We calculate and display how much labour time is needed for any recipe.
  • We also display total time taken, from start to end for any recipe.
  • We keep track of calories, which may help health councious people to take a descision.
  • Water is a problem in some areas of world, hence we keep track of that as well.
  • We also take LPG gas into account while preparing a recipe, which might help with your decision.

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Currently we are releasing one recipe everyday at 4:00 PM or 1600 Hours, India Standard Time.

However, sometimes there can be delay due to reasons unknown.


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