About us

SMbase is an abbreviation of our youtube channel super masala base. We are basically an Indian food recipe website which uploads its videos on youtube. Our website and youtube channel both are complmentory to each other. Youtube channel shows the recipe process and other related information applicable at the time of recording the video. Each recipe that is uploaded on youtube have a page in both hindi and english. Website gives some flexibility to us and our users that was not possible within the youtube channel.

Let's test that with an example :

We created a video about making potato chips and found that potato chips costed Rs 400 per kg. The main ingredient were potato, oil and LPG spent. At the time of making the video, every price was correctly calculated and shown in the video.

Some time passes, lets say 2 years. Potatoes are now double costly, LPG is cheaper and oil is slightly costly. A new users watches our old video and feels its useless for him because prices are out of date. To fill that gap, we have created recipe pages on our website where users can enter their own prices and everything will be calculated accoring to an algorithm automatically.

Now any user can calculate recipe price anytime any region and he will get correct information.