Desi Banana Chips

The best banana chips in India can be found in Kerala because a special variety of banana plant is used and fried in coconut oil. These two key ingredients are costly or difficult to find in Uttar Pradesh, hence we replaced them with Desi Breed of Banana and refined oil. For this video, we used 3 Kgs of raw desi banana. It is surprisingly very easy to make it at home and hell lot cheaper on your pocket! Cleanliness is in your control and you will get very crisp and fresh banana chips.

1 Kg costs ₹163.57 and contains 7964 calories

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General Recipe Information
Recipe Cost114.5 for 0.7 Kg
Total Calories5575
Water Used1.1 Liters
Labour77 Minutes
Total Time77 Minutes
LPG cylinder cost (Domestic 14.2Kg)
LPG Burned45 Minutes (~ ₹ 7.5)
Recipe typevegan
Sugar Free?no
Gluten Free?yes
Ingredient breakup
Name Cost/Kg Cal/100g UsedQty(g) UsedCost UsedCal
Common salt 0 12 0.24 0
Raw desi banana 95 3000 60 2850
Refined oil 900 300 45 2700
Turmeric Powder 312 8 1.6 24.96
COST : ₹   106.84     CALORIES : 5574.96