Common Roti

Whenever you eat common Roti in some hotel or dhaba, after looking at the bill, at least once you would have thought.."i am being looted". Roti are made in almost every Indian kitchen. Did you ever wondered that how much does single roti costs? Well we decided to do that and made a complete video with analysis.

I am pretty sure that once you see this video, you will start thinking about cost of shop made Roti, because they are thin and small as compared to the ones we make at home.

1 roti costs ₹1.06 and contains 126 calories

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General Recipe Information
Recipe Cost9.58 for 9 roti
Total Calories1137.5
Water Used0.2 Liters
Labour27 Minutes
Total Time27 Minutes
LPG cylinder cost (Domestic 14.2Kg)
LPG Burned20 Minutes (~ ₹ 3.33)
Recipe typevegan
Sugar Free?yes
Gluten Free?no
Ingredient breakup
Name Cost/Kg Cal/100g UsedQty(g) UsedCost UsedCal
Mill flour 455 250 6 1137.5
COST : ₹   6     CALORIES : 1137.5